A Year of Travel: 12 Trips in 12 Months for Filipino Travellers

So, you made a New Year’s Resolution to travel more often. Now, the question is: will it actually come true? Or will it join your collection of annual broken promises? Hopefully not. While we should anticipate the obstacles that may get in the way of our travel goals, we shouldn’t let anything ruin our aspirations. For that reason, it’s time to take out your newly minted planners and start scheduling your trips for the rest of the year. Let’s make 2019 a year of travel together.

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Where: Philippines

When: 30 Dec – 1 Jan

Why: To celebrate the New Year’s Eve with your family

Right after Christmas, airports are still filled with balikbayans travelling back to their countries of work. Celebrate the holidays with your family peacefully in the Philippines instead. Opt to have a fun holiday staycation or visit some cool destinations around the country with your family instead of fighting against the crowd of travellers.


Where: Taipei, Taiwan

When: 2 Feb – 5 Feb

Why: To experience Chinese New Year abroad

Visa-free? Yes

As Chinese New Year falls on a Tuesday, you can take a work leave on 4 Feb and enjoy a whole weekend in Taipei. Aside from having ample time to drink as much bubble tea as you want, you’ll also get to experience how Taiwanese people celebrate Chinese New Year.


Where: Baguio

When: Any time of the month

Why: To cool yourself off

Take a break from the hot Manila weather and travel to Baguio. Known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is quite a popular choice among tourists during this month. Make sure to book a hotel early, and find one that’s close to the places you want to visit so you won’t be too bothered by heavy traffic.


Where: Phuket, Thailand

When: 6 Apr – 9 Apr or 18 Apr – 21 Apr

Why: To sunbathe among a different crowd

Visa-free: Yes

While the Philippines has a lot of sandy beaches, it’s still cool to experience other shores around the world. Head off to Phuket, Thailand and start working on that tan. Maximise your long weekend by exploring the rest of Phuket, too. Marvel at the Big Buddha and take a trip to Wat Chalong while you’re at it.


Where: Batangas

When: Any time of the month

Why: To take a break from the hustle and bustle

Why travel far away when a simple road trip to Batangas will satisfy your wanderlust? Blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, Batangas lets travellers easily forget all their worries. Go on a day trip to one of its beaches or mountains, and return to the Metro refreshed and rejuvenated.


Image credit: jelynnc

Where: Leyte

When: 29 Jun (Saturday)

Why: To observe the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival

Recalling the Spanish colonial era, the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival is an annual festival in Tacloban that showcases the colourful cultural heritage of Eastern Visayas. Painted from head to toe, locals dance to music that narrates the history of the people of Leyte and Samar. Spend the weekend of 29 Jun in the area, and make sure to explore the rest of Tacloban too!

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Where: Singapore

When: During the Singapore Food Festival (TBA)

Why: To eat, eat, eat

Visa-free: Yes

Because of its size, Singapore doesn’t take a long time to explore. Travel to the Little Red Dot in July, just in time for the Singapore Food Festival, an event where you can try out various dishes that hail from Singapore. As Singapore has a multicultural heritage, expect to have a wide range of food options to choose from.


Image credit: Marco Verch

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When: 10 Aug – 12 Aug or 24 Aug – 26 Aug

Why: To explore the Kuala Lumpur urban jungle

Visa-free: Yes

From the freshly coloured Batu caves to the sky-high Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur has a lot of unique attractions that can easily fit into a long weekend. As August is a fairly dry season in Malaysia, jetsetters can certainly have an affordable and fun trip around the city this time of the month.


Image credit: Crystal Beach Resort

Where: Zambales

When: Any time of the month

Why: To surf the waves

An underrated month to travel, September usually guarantees a smaller tourist crowd. Thankfully, this month is actually the peak season for good waves in Zambales. Go on a weekend trip to the the province and learn how to surf!


Image credit: Psalm Ramos

Where: Cebu City

When: Any time of the month

Why: To discover your heritage

As the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu is a great place to learn about our roots. Historical landmarks are mostly walking distance apart. For a weekend, go on guided tours around museums and ancestral houses and learn how rich the country’s history is. Walking around Cebu City is ideal during October, as there are less rainy days and the weather isn’t too hot anymore.

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Where: Nepal

When: 1 Nov – 3 Nov

Why: To trek Mount Everest

Visa-free: Visa on arrival

Arguably, November is the best month to trek the mountains of Nepal. As the month still falls under the autumn season, travellers can expect a temperature ideal for outdoor activities. The view is mostly clear, and you can even make use of the long weekend to maximise your stay in the country.


Where: Koror, Palau

When: 28 Dec – 31 Dec

Why: To scuba diva

Visa-free: Visa on arrival

Many travellers know Koror, Palau as having some of the top scuba diving spots in the world. And, December, having calm and warm waters, is said to be the best diving season of the country. As you’ll probably be spending the first long weekend of December with your family, you can use up the remaining work leaves for your year-end adventure.

It may sound far-fetched, but travelling the whole year is totally possible when you plan out your travels right. Remember to budget your time, money and work leaves wisely. A great way to travel more often is to take trips to quick overseas destinations during long weekends. For months without long weekends, on the other hand, opt to explore the Philippines instead. Have a good year ahead, and make it a year of travel!

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