Baguio City Congestion Fee Currently in the Works

Planning a trip to Baguio, the Philippines‘ “Summer Capital”? You might encounter a new travel expense in the future. The city is exploring a of ₱250 for private cars entering the central business district (CBD), specifically the popular Session Road area.

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Why impose the ?

Baguio, known for its scenic beauty and cool climate, has been struggling with increasing traffic congestion, especially in Session Road. Narrow streets, limited parking, and a constant stream of tourists have created a traffic nightmare.

The proposed congestion fee is modelled after similar programs in major cities like Singapore, London, and New York. The hope is that the fee will reduce traffic volume, leading to lower pollution levels, more energy-efficient travel choices, and ultimately, a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Private cars entering the CBD would be subject to the fee. However, there are exemptions:

  • Public transportation (jeepneys)
  • Vehicles driven by senior citizens and persons with disabilities (with proper ID)
  • Uniformed personnel on duty
  • Emergency vehicles

Taxis might also receive a discounted rate, and Baguio residents might qualify for rebates on the fee.

Public concerns

While the fee aims to address traffic issues, some residents are concerned. They argue that Baguio’s public transport system needs significant improvement before implementing a fee that could disproportionately affect residents. Some even suggest closing Session Road to private vehicles altogether.

This proposal is still in its early stages, and details are being ironed out. However, travellers should be aware of the potential for a congestion fee when planning a trip to Baguio City.

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With the potential , research alternative ways to get around the city. The city has a jeepney network, and taxis are readily available. For a more scenic experience, consider a bike rental or even exploring on foot.

All image credit goes to AJ Gomez

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