8 Expensive Travel Items That Are NOT Worth Your Money

For the travel-obsessed, it’s important to keep up with the latest must-have, travel-friendly accessories. As much as we’ve come to love ingenious products like power banks and digital luggage scales, we’ve also discovered a lot of innovative items that turned out to be unnecessary, some of which are even accompanied by hefty price tags. To spare our fellow travellers from a waste of time, effort, and money, we’ve come up with a list of some of these expensive travel items that aren’t worth splurging on.

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While they might seem a little hard to resist, trust us! We’re saving you the extra cash — not to mention the extra luggage space.

1. White noise machine

Image credit: Your Best Digs

White noise machines produce relaxing noises, helping induce sleep for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep. These electronic devices are sold for thousands of bucks, and can take up valuable suitcase space! If you’re in for an activity-packed vacation, you’re likely to snooze the moment you hit the sheets. For those who absolutely cannot fall sleep without white noise, try out an app on your smartphone — there’s a whole range of choices available, and they’re just as effective as the real deal.

2. Silk travel sheets

Image credit: Travel Fashion Girl

If you’re checking in at a hotel or Airbnb that doesn’t have clean linens available, but you’re willing to splurge on an expensive set of bed sheets for travelling, you might want to rethink your accommodation! (Clearly, you aren’t shy of funds and can check in somewhere more hygiene-friendly.) While sleeping on silk bedding may be trendy and have its own set of benefits for your hair and skin, getting a night’s rest on a good ol’ set of clean sheets is already more than enough.

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3. Portable safe

Image credit: Safe.co.uk

A portable safe might sound useful in theory, but at the end of the day, you’ll come to find it’s an unnecessary bank-breaking purchase! If you’re that worried that your things might get stolen at your hotel or Airbnb while you’re out and about, you’re probably better off travelling with your valuables on you. In addition, if someone is out to take your things, who’s to say they won’t steal your portable safe? It’s light enough for travelling, after all!

4. Portable UV smartphone sanitizer

Image credit: Sharper Image

This interesting gadget is said to disinfect your phone of harmful bacteria overnight while charging it at the same time — definitely tempting to neat-freak travellers or those with OCD! But why spend several thousand bucks when you can opt for a power bank and a pack of gadget sanitizing wipes? Your phone will be exposed to a whole new set of germs the moment it’s removed from this device!

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5. Bluetooth luggage tracker

Image credit: The Tile App

Losing our luggage in transit is one of every traveller’s greatest nightmares, so this product can sound really promising. Unfortunately, this costly device has its limitations: First, you’ll only be able to track your missing luggage within a close range (with a maximum of around 50 feet). Second, a bluetooth device will only have limited battery life.

6. Crease-free shirt transporter

Image credit: Sharper Image

Don’t you hate opening your suitcase and finding a wrinkled set of clothes despite knowing you packed them with extra care? This product may live up to its purpose, however you’ll need a whole set of pricey shirt transporters if you want to keep more than just one item of clothing crease-free! Price-wise, a mini iron or steamer would be the smarter option.

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7. Portable rain hood

Image credit: Hood to Go

This compact piece of fabric claims to be a more practical alternative to bulky rain gear, but don’t be fooled. A portable rain hood costs just as much as, or even more than a raincoat, hat, or umbrella — and let’s face it, your regular rain jacket or windbreaker is much cuter than this lightweight hooded vest!

8. Ostrich pillow

Image credit: Ostrich Pillow

This pillow is supposedly made for napping comfortably anytime and anywhere, and is designed to allow you a little more privacy. It also retails for about ₱5,000. Really — what’s wrong with going old school and wearing a pair of sunglasses and resting with a regular neck pillow? (Plus, would you really pay that much to look that ridiculous?)

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We hope we helped you set aside your extra funds for your next trip!

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