10 Ways You Can Inspire Your Friends To Travel With You

Travelling is more fun when your friends are there to share the good times with. However, it might be easy to keep yourself motivated to travel, but keeping your friends just as motivated can be hard. How to convince them to go on an adventure with you if they’re just not interested? We have the solutions to your problem!

1. Tell them you want new and better memories together

Sure you make new memories every time you see each other whether you’re travelling or not, but they’re not as unique as when you actually travel together. A new place, scene, food, and culture is just the trick to put back some excitement into your lives, and fun memories that will only strengthen your friendship even more.

2. Tell them your friendship is getting boring

If you’re getting tired of always meeting up just to eat or going to the mall, it’s official. You are BORED. You have to tell your friends to change things up and start planning a getaway. It doesn’t have to be far, you could have a staycation or even go on a road trip to Tagaytay. As long as it’s a destination different from the usual, it’ll help.

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3. Show them #travelgoals photos

Photos like these are everywhere on social media. From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, you’ll find so many travel photos that can inspire your friends to have adventures in different parts of the country and the world. Bombard your buddies with photo pegs for your “soon-to-be” travels so that they’ll find it harder to back out!

4. Send them articles about budget-friendly travels

If money is your concern, we got you. Just read articles on budget-friendly trips that experienced travellers have shared, or tips online on how to travel on a budget. Send the same articles to your friends so that they’ll know that going on cheaper out of town trips is possible. They shouldn’t lose hope that easily.

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5. Make the itinerary yourself

If your friends feel lazy to plan the trip, bribe them! Make the itinerary on your own. Let them know that you’re willing to organise the whole show just so the outing can push through. What they need to do is just pay their share, pack their bags, and show up. Easy, right?

6. Introduce them to the world of travel bloggers

Travel bloggers can trigger the wanderlust in all of us. From their photos, tips, itineraries, and personal adventures, bloggers somehow convince their readers to try what they’re doing, and the end goal is always a good travel experience. Introducing your friends to their world can go a long way. Who knows, your friends might even find a travel influencer to look up to and emulate.

7. Make a cute hashtag for your adventures

Though some people may think this corny, making a hashtag for your shared adventures is really more of a friendship thing rather than a trend. A lot of people get excited when they think of a hashtag to identify their travels with and can’t wait to finally use them. When you’re older, you’ll fondly reminisce your travels through social media posts and see the iconic hashtag that associated your friendship with the different destinations you’ve gone to. In a way, those hashtags encourage us to keep planning adventures and make the travel posts even more sentimental.

8. Choose a destination they’re more interested in

Image credit: Kim Fong

When they don’t feel like going anywhere, convince them by pitching a destination they’ve raved about in the past. If you really want to travel with your friends, maybe it’s best to prioritise where they want to go for the time being to minimise flake outs or avoid travelling solo altogether.

9. Tell them they need a break from work

Just like you, your friends probably deserve a vacation. Be each other’s motivation and plan a trip to unwind and leave all your worries behind temporarily. Let your friends know that they’ve earned it. If we know anything about work, it’s that you should never let yourself be burnt out if you can help it.

10. Share your own travel stories

Neil Gaiman once wrote, “We owe it to each other to tell stories.” Telling your personal travel accounts to your friends alone can be enough to inspire them to travel with you. Once they’ve heard all the amazing things you’ve experienced, the ups and downs, the things you’ve learned, the things you had to unlearn, and the people you’ve encountered, your friends will eventually realise that travelling will shape their character for the better. When the time finally comes, they’ll be the ones asking you to come along their adventures.

So, the next time you travel, we hope you won’t be going alone. You already know all the ways to get your friends bitten by the travel bug!

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