10 Karaoke Bars in Manila for Letting Your Inner Diva Loose

Name one Filipino who can’t sing — we’ll wait. Not everyone is The Voice-worthy, but we’ll make up for it with sheer volume and confidence! Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, graduations, christenings, or believe it or not even funerals, trust us: There will be karaoke (KTV) and beer. It’s a really big part of Filipino culture. So, get ready to hit the high notes at these karaoke bars in Manila on your next night out.

You don’t need pitch-perfect vocals to have a blast during karaoke nights — just let loose and have fun! Channel your inner Beyonce or Anne Curtis with this list of KTV bars that invite you to sing your heart out.

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Manila nightlife gets musical at these KTV bars

1. Rockstar KTV

Image credit: Rockstar KTV | Official Facebook Page

Starting strong in our list of karaoke bars in Manila, Rockstar KTV offers two locations: SM Aura and Glorietta that can accommodate small and large groups. Besides the themed rooms, they take pride in having the Dolby sound system giving you the feel of performing like you’re in a concert. Rates start at ₱2,500 for three hours of singing and dancing. Planning a party? Say hello to the Glorietta branch’s presidential room which can cater up to 80 people!

Another thing to love is that Rockstar KTV is family-friendly — yes, your kids and grandparents can tag along! Did all that singing make you hungry? Don’t worry as they have a vast selection of food and drinks. Try their party platters which you can also pair with some beer.

2. Monkey Mic Family KTV

Image credit: Monkey Mic | Official Facebook Page

Next on our list of KTV bars in Metro Manila is Monkey Mic Family KTV in Quezon City. It features a modern-industrial theme, giving the ambience a sleek look that looks good on the ’Gram. Whether you’re into Filipino love songs or K-pop, their song selections are up-to-date, giving you the freedom to bust your moves and belt out. For an ₱80 hourly rate per head, that’s a real steal!

A night out wouldn’t be complete without some munchies. Their best-selling calamari and double-cheese baked mussels pair well with their cocktails. Are you down for some fun? Try their monkey mini tacos with mojito shots! You’ll be filled and buzzed by the end of the night.

3. Paragon Family KTV

Image credit: Paragon Family KTV | Official Facebook Page

Whatever your jam may be, Paragon Family KTV has a room for you! No seriously — they have over 15 rooms to choose from. We recommend visiting the branches in Quezon City and Pasig. You’ll definitely enjoy their platinum major HD-10 karaoke that has amazing sound quality and HD videos. Prices start at ₱2,400 for three hours for five people.

Big appetite? Choose among their party platters that is a combination of finger foods and drinks of your choice. Pastas and sizzlers are sure to fill up your hunger. As their saying goes, keep calm and karaoke!

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4. Centerstage Family KTV & Resto Bar

Image credit: Centerstage Family KTV & Resto Bar | Official Facebook Page

Time to unleash your inner star at Centerstage Family KTV & Resto Bar in Pasay. Their karaoke equipment will make you feel like you’re in a talent show. The atmosphere is relaxing and chill, and they offer a variety of room sizes to suit your group’s needs. Moreover, they can even accommodate up to a hundred people, making it one of the best karaoke bars in Manila for extra-large parties.

Centerstage’s standard room starts at ₱2,000 for three hours. They offer one of the tastiest pulutan like pork BBQ, sizzling mixed seafood, and pancit canton. Have a booze-filled night with their wide selection of liquor.

5. Music 21 Plaza

Image credit: Music 21 Plaza | Official Facebook Page

Sprawled around Metro Manila, Music 21 Plaza has five locations in the following areas: Alabang, Makati, Shaw Boulevard, Malate, and Timog. Their easy song selection through Lenovo tablets means you’ll quickly find your favourite songs to sing. You can tweak the sound settings (like key tone and tempo) and even mute the vocals to customise your karaoke session to your singing abilities — or the absence thereof. 

A bonus is they have soundproof rooms to ensure your spirited, albeit off-key, performances won’t bother anyone outside. Their prices vary depending on the branch and package. Paired with some ice-cold beer, don’t forget to try their lumpiang shanghai (egg roll) and chicharong bulaklak (ruffled fat).

6. INUM KTV & Restaurant

Image credit: INUM KTV & Restaurant | Official Facebook Page

Adding to our list of great karaoke bars in Manila, INUM KTV & Restaurant in Pasig is a family- and pet-friendly place that is worth visiting. Queue up your favourite karaoke song and drop some beats! And if you’re not much of a singer, you can just dine and enjoy their live band. 

For three hours, enjoy karaoke with a consumable amount of ₱2,500. We recommend trying their crispy pata and chicken skin for a mouth-watering treat. Guests also have the option for al fresco dining to enjoy the fresh breeze.

7. Turtles Family KTV

Image credit: Turtles Family KTV | Official Facebook Page

Next on our list of KTV bars in Metro Manila is Turtles Family KTV. Found in several locations, it’s accessible enough that you have no excuse not to stop by. Their extensive song catalogue can be effortlessly accessed through an advanced tablet system, simplifying the process of searching for and selecting your favourite tunes.

The ambience is tidy, roomy, and well-ventilated, creating an ideal setting for you and your loved ones or friends to have a great time. Prices start at ₱750 for two people inclusive of four drinks and liempo — talk about sulit! If you’re still feeling hungry, grab a bib and munch on their famous crispy pata!

8. Arko Karaoke Hub

Image credit: Arko Karaoke Hub | Official Instagram Page

You’ll never run out of songs to sing at Arko Karaoke Hub, a famous KTV bar in Manila. The soundproof rooms allow you to hit those high notes freely without the concern of bothering anybody. Don’t be shy!

Prices start at ₱2,999 with the inclusion of your food and drink of choice from their menu. Currently, Arko Karaoke Hub is offering a promotion where you can rent the karaoke for just ₱1, provided you order a minimum of three buckets, two towers, or three barrels. Looking for something to soak up some liquor? Their must-try menu items do not disappoint! Patrons keep coming back for their crispy pata and buttered chicken fried to perfection. If you’re feeling adventurous, give their adobong kambing and kilawing tanigue a taste.

9. Chill Top Bar

Image credit: Chill Top Bar | Official Facebook Page

One of the better-known KTV bars in Metro Manila is Chill Top Bar. They have lots of locations around the metro but we recommend visiting the roofdeck bar at Cubao. Enjoy the view of the city skyline while sharing a meal with your loved ones. Did we mention they’re open 24/7? 

For just ₱1,000, you get two hours of sing-along time with your friends, and it’s fully consumable! They have a variety of group meals to be enjoyed by the whole barkada. Next time you visit, give their pizzas and sizzling tofu a try.

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10. Music Match Family KTV

Image credit: Music Match Family KTV | Official Facebook Page

To end our list, Music Match Family KTV features an extensive song library that spans Tagalog, Korean, and Chinese tracks — the options are endless. Plus, their up-to-date technology ensures you stay current with the latest hits, with a song selection on a tablet that’s simpler to use than any dating app.

The spacious and cosy rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and ample lighting, complemented by party lights to create the perfect atmosphere. Prices start at ₱1,900 for three hours of fun. Music Match offers a tasty menu of food and beverages at prices that won’t strain your wallet.

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Music is life! As we explore the best karaoke bars Manila has to offer, it is evident that singing is more than just a hobby for Filipinos — it’s an avenue for bonding, entertainment and self-expression. Whether you’re going with an intimate or large group, there’s a KTV bar in Manila for you. What’s your go-to karaoke number? 

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