What You Might Want to Know About Pikachu Visiting the Local Japanese Ambassador

There may be a million reasons for Filipinos to visit Japan, but the fact that it’s home to one of the most loved Japanese animes in history beats many of the others.

For those of us who grew up watching Pokémon, there’s no better satisfaction than seeing the iconic Pikachu in the flesh wandering about a city like Manila. Especially at the home of the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines himself, His Excellency Kazuhiko Koshikawa.

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On 9 Jan 2021, both personalities made rounds on social media after Pikachu was documented visiting Ambassador Koshikawa in his residence. In a post by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, it was mentioned that the latter had even served the life-size mascot a plate of omurice, a Japanese omelette dish made of fried rice, scrambled egg, and ketchup. In one photo, they are even seen enjoying the dish al fresco.

“Japanese hospitality is called #Omotenashi. It’s not too different from Filipino hospitality, which always comes with a smile,” Ambassador Koshikawa also said on his official Twitter page. “Let’s fill our hearts with joy and happiness through the power of #Anime, while taking necessary precautions to keep us safe and healthy.”

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While it’s unsure why such a visit took place, I think we can all agree that it brought just the kind of positive vibes we all need during this time of the year, especially as we continue working our way to the end of the pandemic. Speaking of which, even Ambassador Koshikawa has set a good example by wearing a face mask upon meeting his bright mouse-like visitor.

All images credited to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines | Official Facebook Page

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