20 Local Shoe Brands in the Philippines That Offer Cute Sandals

At this point, online shopping for clothes and shoes that we probably wouldn’t get to wear anytime soon (for obvious reasons) just feels utterly sayang. We don’t know about you, but these days, we’re all about buying practical items that are useful at home and perhaps for errand runs. So, let’s say you’re thinking of getting new footwear. Why not opt for those that you can constantly wear now and even way after quarantine? 

Anyway, we’ve gathered up the best local shoe brands in the Philippines for sandals, slippers, and even mules! Why these three specific types of footwear, you ask? Well, these are often casual enough to go with your #PambahayChic looks, yet stylish enough to wear outside the house. We also made sure to pick those with the most interesting designs to let you (or rather, your feet) stand out. And nope, it doesn’t matter whether you really need ‘em or not — hey, who are we to judge? 

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Where to get the from local shoe brands in the Philippines

1. Indiana Jane MNL

Image credit: Shopee

If you’re on the hunt for local shoe brands in the Philippines that offer a variety of designs to choose from, Indiana Jane MNL should be on your radar. Their sandals offer comfort and walking ease — the best for your daily stride in style! 

Look more put together and complete smart casual fits with these strappy sandals. Its pretty colour-block design gives that subtle extra oomph to your look. Head out the door in style and feel your best day in and day out!

Shop here. 

2. Itag Manila

Image credit: Shopee

Are you looking for more local shoes brands in the Philippines that offer genderless open-toe footwear? Itag Manila makes affordable, quality, and trendy shoes for statement looks all year round. These mandals (a contraction for men’s sandals) are reminiscent of the classic rugged look of the Dr. Martens leather sandals. Cop that androgynous fashion and stand out on the streets with these bad boys! 

Shop here.

3. Cole Vintage

Image credit: Shopee

While Cole Vintage is more known for its blouses and dresses, its footwear is undeniably a must-have closet staple, too. These Avelino Sandals go with practically anything and everything —from cropped denim jeans to flowy dresses to simple loungewear. These sandals are made with leatherette fabric adorning a crossover detail and a gartered strap. So whether you’re headed to the beach or some weekend brunch, they’re the perfect accessory! 

Shop here. 

4. Olivia MNL

Image credit: Olivia MNL Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These quilted square-toe slides

Got a big work meeting from home that you want to low-key dress up for? Might as well complete your look with these slide-and-go footwear from Olivia MNL! Clearly, a perfect blend of casual and polished. 

Shop here.

5. Soleste Shoes

Image credit: Soleste Shoes Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These comfy braided pairs

Take your everyday neutral-toned sandals up a notch by opting for those with chic braid details. Case in point: These pairs from Soleste Shoes! Definitely perfect for garden parties, al fresco brunches, or simply making rampa in your backyard. 

Shop here.

6. Malayah

Image credit: Malayah Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These handcrafted beach-friendly sandals 

We weren’t kidding when we said that these crisscross sandals from Malayah are absolutely perf for the beach! (Not to be confused with one of the previously mentioned local shoe brands). Featuring a durable abaca material, they’re also washable and latex-free (for those allergic to rubber). There’s also a similar version for men, if you’re feeling like twinning with your S.O.! 

Shop here.

7. Tierra the Line

Image credit: Tierra The Line Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These rattan and leather slide sandals

Tierra The Line boasts timelessly designed sandals, with each pair handcrafted by local artisans. And don’t even get us started on those intricate details! We also love how you can wear these anywhere, from a chill day at home to a tropical vacay.

Shop here.

8. Mercino PH

Image credit: Mercino PH Official Instagram Page

Handcrafted in the Philippines with 100% genuine cowhide leather and ultra-lightweight soles, Mercino PH offers sandals for #EverydayComfort. For those looking for the right balance of design and support, the Kara Slides among other sandals are worth your attention. Its built-in arch support and soft insoles are perfect for walking all day long. Plus, its waterproof premium rubber outsoles offer maximum slip resistance. What’s not to love? 

Shop here.

9. Erin

Image credit: Erin Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These dainty flats with a furry top

How cute are the faux fur details of these sandals from Erin? We don’t know about you, but it definitely reminds us of Chanel Oberlin’s looks from the short-lived comedy-slasher show, Scream Queens. Perf for when you’re feeling extra but have nowhere to go (except maybe the occasional errand run)! 

Shop here.

10. Munimuni Studio

Image credit: Munimuni Studio Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These barely-there gladiator sandals 

Whoever said gladiator sandals are out of style obviously hasn’t seen those from local shoe brands like Munimuni Studio! Locally handcrafted with abaca, the thin straps make it super versatile as it is stylish. Perfect for the “yapak queens” out there who love beach-ready sandals and slippers that take minimalism to a whole new level.

Shop here.

11. Daily Schedule

Image credit: Daily Schedule Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These eye-catching embellished sandals 

When it comes to designs that are hard to find elsewhere, Daily Schedule is one of the local shoe brands in the Philippines to watch out for. We love how these sandals have a luxurious feel that can easily dress up even the simplest outfits. Whether you’re more into neutrals or vibrant hues, there’s surely something for you!

Shop here.

12. Malaya Swim PH

Image credit: Malaya Swim PH Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These whimsical sporty platforms

Got a penchant for donning lots of bright hues in one look? Well, these athletic-looking sandals from Malaya Swim PH are what rainbow dreams are made of! Go on and take your pick among the six colour combos that they offer for these. 

Shop here.

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Best slippers to shop online right now

13. Suelas Manila

Image credit: Shopee

If you’re looking for a chic take on the typical flip-flop, these tsinelas are your best bet! Made to feel comfortable with every step, these Celestina sandals are perfect for everyday wear. They come in warm summer hues that compliment all skin tones and give any plain outfit that extra pop of colour. Ditch the rubber slippers and opt for an effortlessly sleek and simple pair like these to complete your #PambahayChic look. 

Shop here

14. Cloud Bliss

Image credit: Cloud Bliss Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These cushy-looking leather slides

As its name suggests, Cloud Bliss offers sandals and slippers that make you feel like you’re walking on air! Also, can we talk about how this collection reminds us of those curvy #aesthetic furniture that we see on interior design magazines? Not to mention, these slides also come in various muted yet elegant shades. 

Shop here.

15. HUE Manila

Image credit: HUE Manila Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These cute fuzzy slippers 

Leave it to local shoe brands like HUE Manila to come up with fun twists to the good ol’ tsinelas. Take this pair, for instance, which is furry all around and certainly something you’d wanna wear all day. Doesn’t it make you think of cosy evenings at home with a cup of hot cocoa in hand? 

Shop here.

16. Milli Label

Image credit: Milli Label Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These statement leather flip-flops

Another on this list of local shoe brands that have an interesting take on the tsinelas is Milli Label. Check out this unique chunky pair that you can take from your home to the beach (or errands)! Made with buttery leather, these will definitely feel like comfort food for your feet.

Shop here.

17. Apricot

Image credit: Apricot Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These scrunchie-inspired slippers 

Clearly, we’re huge fans of details — subtle or elaborate — when it comes to our sandals and slippers. And these ones from Apricot are no exception, what with their ruched straps and cushioned insoles. Take your pick between neutral or sorbet shades… or better yet, why not one pair of each? 

Shop here.

Casual mules to shop from local shoe brands in the Philippines

18. Annie & Lori

Image credit: Annie & Lori Official Website

Our top pick: These vibrant mules with patterned knits

Whether it’s for future gatherings or quick errand runs, these pointy mules can easily spruce up your OOTD! Also, we can’t get enough of the intricate handwoven patterns on this indigenous textile from Ilocos Norte. Yup, there’s a reason why Annie & Lori is among the fast-rising local shoe brands in the Philippines that have been featured in global fashion pages. 

Shop here.

19. Renegade Folk

Image credit: Renegade Folk Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: This swirly mule-sandal “hybrid”

Can’t decide whether to go for mules or sandals? Well, this cute pair from Renegade Folk lets you have both! It comes in an immaculate cream shade that can complement pretty much anything in your closet. There are also variants with dual colours if you want something more eye-catching! 

Shop here.

20. POSH Pocket Shoes

Image credit: POSH Pocket Shoes Official Instagram Page

Our top pick: These timeless suede “ballet mules”

As far as trends go, these ballet flat-inspired mules from POSH Pocket Shoes are here to stay. Aside from the plush suede material, we also love how it comes in stunning shades that are every bit aesthetically pleasing! Oh, and did we mention that these also have double padded insoles for extra comfort? 

Shop here.

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So, if you’re gonna be marupok when it comes to online shopping for new shoes, then might as well make it worth your sweldo, right? Feel free to keep us posted about which one/s you got. (*Wink.*) 

Got something else in mind for your next shopping sesh? We also have recommendations for the best travel shoes, backpacks, face masks, makeup and skincare, and even yoga mats. Happy shopping!

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