Here Are Online Shopping Sites for Pinoys That Aren’t Lazada or Shopee

If I could personally come up with a list of (recent) most used words of Filipinos, I’d place ‘online shopping’ at the very top. Even before 2021, the wealth of local in the Philippines had been staggering, but they never got the amount of attention that they do now. Unless, that is, you speak of e-commerce giants Lazada and Shopee.

While both platforms continue to be just about every Filipino’s go-to for virtual shopping, there’s a long list of other out there that warrant recognition. Upon recommendations from ‘pro’ online shoppers and my personal experiences with a few of them, here are some of the best that sell (and deliver) general merchandise in the Philippines.

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Online stores for budget-friendly shopping

1. Carousell

One of the ‘OG’ that once bore the more familiar name OLX (before it acquired the latter), Carousell remains a fantastic hub to find goods of all shapes and sizes. From secondhand gadgets and furniture to houses and lots in the Philippines, you’ll find something to purchase here that almost always suits most budgets. The prices can also be negotiated through their integrated bidding system.

Best for: Good quality secondhand items
Shopping tip: Use the ‘Make Offer’ button for flexible pricing

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is first and foremost a social media platform with Marketplace as only one of its many supplementary features. Even then, users of the site have taken full advantage of the community to promote their businesses. While not as sophisticated as the more conventional , Marketplace takes pride in its wide range of products courtesy of its millions of users nationwide.

Best for: Competitively priced products
Shopping tip: Choose sellers closer to you through the distance filter to reduce delivery fees

3. Ebay Philippines

Ebay Philippines essentially works just like Lazada and Shopee, minus a few logistical limitations. The products are also incredibly diverse with fashion, cosmetics, and electronics leading the pack of best sellers. Online shopping deals come by frequently, and if you have your own PayPal account, you can conveniently purchase goods while being protected by PayPal’s Buyer Protection programme.

Best for: Affordable branded fashion and electronics
Shopping tip: Shop with PayPal for safe and hassle-free transactions

4. Buy and Sell

Some of us might know Buy and Sell as a classified ads newspaper long before the age of social media. But in case you missed it, it has already gone digital to keep up with times. Even then, Buy and Sell managed to retain its reputation of selling literally anything and everything under the sun. There’s automotives, real estate, appliances, food, hardware, agriculture — it has them all, plus many more.

Best for: Technical products and services
Shopping tip: Call the published contact numbers directly for faster transaction

Online stores where you can find branded products

 that sell branded products

5. Zalora

What Zalora generally offers might not cut it in terms of affordability. However, similar to the abovementioned popular , the site is quite generous when it comes to sales. Combine that with their unlimited free shipping (for those with a paid subscription) and 30-day free returns, and you’ve got yourself another great place to shop online that’s not too heavy on the pocket. Unlike in its earlier days, they now sell more than just clothes and accessories, too!

Best for: Branded products at a discounted price
Shopping tip: Turn on your notifications to be updated on the latest flash sales

6. Stork

Stork’s tagline says it all: they sell practically everything for everyone. And they do it without us getting lost in complex user interfaces that get in the way of our shopping. Browse through the collections and you’ll be surprised at the number of legitimate international brands they have in store. They also practise safe contactless payment by only offering options like credit card and PayMaya cash-in to purchase.

Best for: New normal essentials
Shopping tip: You can pay by instalment using their Buy Now, Pay Later service

7. Zilingo

Sleek, refreshing, and easy to use are an understatement when describing Zilingo’s homepage. For an online store that sells 100% authentic goods on the pricier end, it does a great job at establishing credibility from the get-go. Especially when it sells local luxury brands across the lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fitness categories. More than that, you can shop for household items, food, beverages — really, the list goes on.

Best for: Wholesale shopping of various goods
Shopping tip: You can also use the site for discounted grocery shopping

Online stores that let you shop sustainably

8. Instagram

While technically not a store per se, Instagram is now home to countless online shops that cater to younger customers. Unlike that sell by category, here, you can check out a specific store or page at a time. This is great if you’re after already established brands or those that you personally know. Instagram is also the best place to buy proudly Filipino products given the number of small businesses you will find throughout the platform.

Best for: Mainstream fashion and food products
Shopping tip: Open the Tagged section to see actual posts and reviews of the products

9. Our Source

Since its beginnings in 2019, Our Source has been promoting sustainable consumerism by partnering with sustainable enterprises in the Philippines. At the moment, they have nine brands whose products range from apparel and beauty to home and personal care. While on their page, you can enjoy stories on sustainability to guide you with your shopping. They also offer package tracking and sales every now and then, too.

Best for: Environmental-friendly lifestyle products
Shopping tip: Be sure to occasionally visit their Sale page for great discounts

10. The Good Trade

More and more purpose-driven brands have emerged throughout these past years, and The Good Trade is one of the few platforms that have consistently supported them. Good for men and women (even your pets!), their collections comprise mostly of sustainable products that come with reasonably marked price tags. They even have an entire section dedicated to zero-waste items.

Best for: Eco-friendly everyday items
Shopping tip: Avail their same or next-day delivery as long as the items have been fully paid

Online stores by existing retail companies

11. ShopSM

Needing no introduction, SM has been most Filipinos’ trusted store for shopping. Also now available online, it offers goods from clothes to groceries for inexpensive prices. If you’re an avid SM shopper, it will even be easier for you to look for the things that you want as they’re categorised much like what you’ll see when shopping personally. And yes, sale items are everywhere even on their online platform!

Best for: Low budget everyday needs
Shopping tip: Be an SMAC member to make the most of rewards and even better deals

12. Landers

Landers has become such an important name in the local shopping community. Online, they still don’t disappoint with extensive options for you to buy, no matter if it’s something to decorate your home, feed your loved ones on special occasions, or use for your personal care. The way their online page has been designed will even remind you of a magazine, with eye-catching graphics that make online shopping so much more satisfying.

Best for: Buy one, take one offers for select products
Shopping tip: Choose their next-day delivery from 11am to 2pm, when orders are rarely late

13. Rustan’s

When it comes to quality, high-end merchandise, there’s no better place to shop than Rustan’s 24/7 online shopping site. Their simple, user-friendly platform is truly a breath of fresh air next to that bank more on flashy layouts ideal for younger customers. And living up to its prestige, Rustan’s offers a personal shopper on call for a more luxurious and hassle-free shopping experience!

Best for: Luxury merchandise for all ages
Shopping tip: Subscribe to their newsletter to keep track of promotions and discounts

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As you can see, there’s no shortage of amazing in the Philippines for all types of shoppers, whether you want budget-friendly versus luxury options, or independent versus mainstream selections. By keeping up with each one of them, there’s more of a chance for you to score great finds, all the while shopping conveniently from your home.

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