10 Signs You And Your Partner Should Travel Together Soon

In 2012, travel photos of hand-holding couple Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova broke the Internet. Since then, we’ve been seeing more and more couples upload their own versions of these iconic photos. They all make travelling together look fun and easy, don’t they? However, travelling brings up numerous challenges that may make or break your relationship. Before booking those seats, read through this list of 10 tell-tale signs and make sure you and your partner are ready to travel together.

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1. You know each other well enough

Travelling in itself is very difficult, but travelling with the wrong travel buddy? Now, that’s almost impossible to survive. Knowing each other well enough is the only way to discern whether you’re compatible travel buddies.

2. You’ve been dating for a while

When you’re in the getting-to-know-you stage, you usually want to put your best foot forward. Thus, bringing your newfound partner along on a trip will put on a lot of premature pressure on your relationship.

On the other hand, while being long-time friends can help you travel together more smoothly, being in a relationship has a different dynamic. It’s generally better to navigate your romantic relationship in the calm waters before committing to something as big as a trip.

3. You’ve experienced being together for extended amounts of time

Going on long dates or day trips are good baby steps that can prepare you for spending an extensive amount of time together on trip. Remember: Travelling together means you’ll have to be with each other all throughout the day. With that, you’ll surely have to deal with each other’s crankiness and tiredness.

4. You’ve gone through a stressful circumstance as a couple

You’ve dealt with the death of a loved one. Or a sickness. A major failure in life. And still, you’re together. If you’ve seen each other through rough patches in your lives, then that confirms that your relationship isn’t dependent on the circumstances around you. This said, you won’t need to worry that travelling with each other will break you up.

5. You already know each other’s quirks

Your girlfriend’s Type A personality gets out of hand. Your boyfriend takes too many random photos, or is obsessed with looking annoying on camera. You know you’re ready to travel with your partner when you know and accept each other’s quirks. As travel presents several challenges, you’ll have to be mature and loving enough to let each other’s infuriating habits go.

6. You’re ready to get to know each other more

You never know each other well enough until you travel together. If you’re looking to step up your relationship or build intimacy with each other, then travelling together is definitely something you should consider.

7. You’ve been too busy for each other lately

In our busy world, lacking time for your significant other is a common problem. Solve this by travelling together! Through this, you’ll have plenty of excuses to talk and spend time exclusively with each other. Plus, you’ll have memorable experiences to share and look back on. Travelling bonds people like no other.

8. You can both afford it

Now, on to the practical side: Can you both afford to travel? Not seeing eye-to-eye regarding finances will be a major problem. Before travelling, set a budget that both of you should stick to. Communicate well before you even book a flight. While you can treat your partner out of your love for him or her, it will get complicated if one of you covers everything.

9. You can draft an itinerary together

To make sure you can actually travel together, try drafting out a travel itinerary. See if you have the same travel habits. If you’re lucky enough to be effortlessly travel-compatible with your partner, then you won’t be facing too many problems! However, if you have different interests and priorities, then use this time to plot out your areas of compromise. Besides, a relationship doesn’t mean you have to love the same things. Rather, you have to love each other enough to meet each other halfway.

10. You can both travel solo

Just because you’ll be travelling together doesn’t mean you can slack off on the trip. When you’re both independent and mature enough to handle travelling solo, then you know you’re in a good place.

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