7 Ways Travel Keeps The Stressed Millennial Sane

What is a millennial? There’s no definite age bracket for our generation. Different sources will give you different date ranges that fit into the millennial category. But what is certain is this. Millennials are characterised as the generation that grew up with the rise of social media, technological communication, and… “a sense of entitlement”, just because we were brought up with a “follow your dreams” mentality.

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Notoriously associated with this is our growing obsession with travelling. Well, we’re here to tell you, be not ashamed. Yes, we love travelling. Yes, it may cost us. But it has its benefits, some shallow some profound. And guess what? Every stressed millennial appreciates the escape every now and then, whether they admit it or not. Travelling keeps us sane. How? Let us count the ways!

1. It keeps us motivated

When you’re stressed with work or consumed by daily routines, having a vacation or trip to look forward to really helps. It gives you the push you need to get things done because hell, you’re going on a well-deserved vacation in the foreseeable future. So, might as well give it your all, right?

2. It keeps us from feeling like a Tita or Tito before our time

No, we don’t mean Tita and Tito in a literal sense. Nowadays when people say they feel like Titas or Titos, they mean that they’d rather stay at home, sleep early, start having more adult conversations, or that they’re already finding it hard to keep up with “what kids do nowadays,” even though they’re not that old in the first place.

There’s nothing bad about these things. Coming into your own and learning to be an adult is important. But our point is, travelling helps to slow things down a little bit when it matters. Having adventures, and experiencing more of the world, unleash the fun and energy inside all of us. If a child-like sense of wonder comes knocking at your door during your travels, then maybe your mind and spirit are trying to tell you something.  Hold on to that for a little bit longer.

3. It saves us from burn out

When adulting starts to feel like it’s getting the best of you and work is driving you crazy, you know you’re about to get burned out. Before your emotions make you shout “I quit!”, take a breather, schedule a getaway for a few days, and allow yourself to recover. Travelling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind and body because you get to leave all your worries behind. It’s a temporary escape to a place where you can enrich your life with new experiences. Sometimes, simply staying at home isn’t enough because work catches up with you and you don’t get your mind off things.

4. We get a lot of realisations

Since you’re physically miles away from home, school, and the office, you get to think more clearly and in turn, realise things about yourself. You think about your career, personal relationships, life goals, etc. Being millennials, I’m sure all of us have worries or insecurities when it comes to such things, and that’s okay. To many people, travelling may seem like a very spoiled way to handle your issues, but when the time comes when you know a trip somewhere else is the only way to clear your head, what other people think of you won’t matter. What’s important is that you get the enlightenment you need.

5. It’s empowering

Speaking of insecurities, what many people don’t realise is that travelling empowers us by making us better decision makers. Whether we’re travelling alone or with friends, going on these adventures entails that we have to make decisions that make our minds quicker and boost our self-confidence. If there is one thing millennials need, it’s reassurance and the resolve that we can still make good decisions against all odds.

6. We’re reminded how beautiful the world can be

Sometimes, we drown in the struggles of being a millennial, trying to be a decent adult, and finding our place in this world, that we lose sight of what’s beautiful and how lucky we are to exist in this world. Travelling puts us in direct contact with these precious things we fail to see, and have yet to experience. Whether it’s a gorgeous view, kind strangers, works of art, or great food, there will always be something to keep us inspired and thankful.

7. More happy memories than hugots

Travelling creates memories. Good ones. Happy ones. At least more often than not. That’s ten times better than wallowing in our own sorrow. And we all know, millennials are notorious for using the terms “sawi” and “hugot” when we talk about personal relationships. Travelling allows us to take a break from the disappointments and heartaches. It ultimately overpowers sad encounters and memories with happier and more profound experiences. Yes to happier memories, no to sad hugots!

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We hope that the next time you’re on the brink of insanity due to the craziness around you, you remember that everyone else in your generation at least, is going through similar things. Most importantly, treat yourself to travel every now and then. It may not be often, it may not even be to a far-off place. But at least you get to escape and pull yourself together in an extra-special way.

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