7 Backpacks in the Philippines for Every Occasion

How important is it to own a backpack these days? Our answer: It’s more essential than you think. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip to the mountains or searching for a durable bag that won’t terrorise your back as you’re running errands, the best backpacks in the Philippines will have you covered for work, school, travel, and everything in between. 

If you’re looking for a street accessory to step up your everyday look, we’ve featured some of our favourite backpack designs in the Philippines. Use them to explore new destinations, organise your gadgets, or psych yourself up for the work week ahead. Not only will they add a splash of colour into your life, but they also won’t break the bank!  

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Cool backpacks in the Philippines for less than ₱3,000

1. For sporty and outdoorsy types: Nike Heritage Backpack

Image credit: Lazada

Price: ₱1,367 to ₱1,395

From the office to the gym, showing off the Nike Heritage Backpack is bound to turn heads. With Nike’s iconic logo printed on the front, this sporty backpack provides visual eye candy and heavyweight support for your everyday gear. All the while, it keeps your things organised with zippered pockets inside. 

Take your pick between black, white, and a brightly coloured shade called “magic ember” for this backpack. For channeling a laid-back vibe in your easygoing outdoor adventures, this backpack is proof that Nike never goes out of style. 

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2. For a sleek and minimalist look: Adventure Backpack Artemis

Image credit: Lazada 

Price: ₱505.80 to ₱599

If you’re looking for a stylish backpack that will go with any outfit, the Adventure Backpack Artemis boasts a sleek and minimalist design for both men and women. Proudly made in the Philippines, this backpack with neutral colours has a large zippered compartment and two side pockets for you to access your belongings anytime. 

The best part? Indulging in a little retail therapy won’t make you feel guilty about overspending, either. On a good sale day, this budget-friendly backpack will barely set you back ₱600. It’s available in four colours: black, brown, grey, and maroon. 

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3. For cheerful and happy-go-lucky wearers: Doughnut Macaroon Mini Cream x Iceberg x Sakura

Image credit: Lazada 

Price: ₱2,600

Aiming for a preppier look? For exciting colour combinations, the Doughnut Macaroon Mini Cream x Iceberg x Sakura backpack has our top vote. 

Easy on the eyes and pastel-hued like candy, this aesthetically pleasing backpack is the ideal street accessory, whether you’re casually chilling in your neighbourhood or visiting local coffee shops. It features dainty-looking shoulder straps, a protective foam for your laptop, and several zippered compartments to organise your things. 

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4. For mountain hikers and backpackers: Deuter Speed Lite 16

Image credit: Lazada 

Price: ₱2,850

Thinking of hitting the trails soon? Have mercy on your shoulders and invest in an ever-reliable backpack like the Deuter Speed Lite 16, which makes an ideal companion as you trek from the mountains to the forest. 

Like the majority of Deuter’s sustainable bags, this hiking backpack can carry heavy loads while providing freedom of movement, allowing you to preserve your energy to travel longer distances. Thanks to its close-fitted padded back and abrasion-resistant material, the backpack is lightweight and comfortable to carry as well. That it comes with side pockets and a roomy inner compartment is another plus in its favour. Read these expert packing tips, wear a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, and you’re all set for your next hiking trip! 

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5. For carrying your laptop: Himawari Holly Daze 15″ Laptop Backpack

Image credit: Lazada 

Price: ₱1,500 to ₱1,526 

Need a backpack that will keep your laptop safe and secure? Tuck in your beloved computer into the padded compartment of the Himawari Holly Daze 15″ Laptop Backpack, which offers a great balance between functionality and eye-catching design. 

This canvas backpack comes with a top handle and adjustable shoulder straps that allow for easier carrying. What’s more, it’s spacious enough to accommodate your personal belongings, whether it’s a 15” laptop or a heavy stack of books

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6. For the young at heart: JanSport Superbreak Backpack

Image credit: Lazada

Price: ₱1,314 to ₱1,533

Having the galaxy on your back never looked so good. While JanSport is more or less synonymous with a preppy and nostalgic back-to-school feeling, the brand offers a variety of designs for adults as well. (Like these “brapacks,” for instance.) Consider the JanSport Superbreak Backpack, which channels fun and playful vibes with its space-themed design. 

Made in part from recycled materials, this backpack offers adequate storage capacity for your belongings. Whether you’re a young person or simply young-at-heart at this point, it’s a convenient bag for securing your essentials. Love to collect reusable bottles or tumblers? This backpack’s side pocket will surely come in handy wherever you go. 

Shop for this product on Shopee or Lazada.

7. For a multi-functional bag that does it all: Anello Cross Bottle Backpack Regular

Image credit: Lazada

Price: ₱2,850 

We’d recognise this classic Japanese bag brand anywhere! Striking a perfect balance between durability and style, Anello’s Cross Bottle Backpack Regular AT-B0193A is one of your best bets when it comes to stylish, durable, and multi-functional backpacks. 

Crafted from water-repellent material, this backpack is an excellent choice for storing documents, stashing essential items like alcohol and hand sanitiser, and even casual sightseeing. With no less than seven pockets (among them, a padded 15” laptop sleeve and hidden back pocket), this bag lets you prepare for nearly anything life throws in your direction. 

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Of these colourful backpacks in the Philippines, which one caught your eye today? Don’t forget to read our online shopping tips so that you can trawl through sale discounts. If you have any personal reviews or recommendations to share, we’d love to hear from you! 

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