Bar by EAST: Marikina’s Speakeasy for Cocktails and Conversations

Marikina City is known for many other things besides being the shoe capital of the Philippines. It also boasts a blossoming food scene, a charming coffee culture, and tons of hidden gems waiting to be explored. A relatively new addition to the city’s best-kept secrets is Bar by EAST — office space by day and an intimate cocktail bar by night. If you’re around the area and on the hunt for a new bar to grab a nightcap with friends, this is the place to be on Friday nights!

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All about Bar by EAST in Marikina City

Tucked away at restaurant hub Lamp Quarters is Bar by EAST, a speakeasy that treats customers to a night of cocktails and conversations. While Lamp Quarters may be one of the most frequented F&B spots in Marikina, only a few are aware it houses a hidden bar. Rightly so, as it serves as an office space for the Emerging Architects Studio, aka EAST, before opening hours. Who would’ve thought?

By sundown, you can catch its talented team of mixologists working their magic behind the bar to serve you delicious cocktails made with traditional and unconventional ingredients. Its unique mixes are made to “stun your palate, leave your lips with intrigue, and keep you insatiable.” If you’re the type to take your cocktails a little more seriously, then you’ll easily appreciate Bar by EAST’s expertise and craft!

Apart from its classics and signature cocktails, it also serves up a selection of spirits for those who like it neat and traditional. 

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A hideout for chill vibes and cocktails all night long

Beyond its curated concoctions, Bar by EAST treats you to an intimate and cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for small get-togethers with friends. With its dimly lit space, no-frills interiors, and industrial design, it truly knows how to do the “hidden bar” aesthetic right. Here, you’ll also find a generous amount of nooks and sitting areas to relax while you sip your drink of choice. 

Much like most speakeasies, it doesn’t blare out loud music nor does it have a large dance floor for busting out moves (sorry!). Instead, it features a record player and a tastefully curated selection of tunes to relish in. At its core, Bar by EAST is an ideal spot in Marikina for those who want to ditch the crowds and for night owls who prefer a more laidback drinking experience.

For more information, visit Bar by EAST’s official website and Instagram page. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Bar by EAST in Marikina City for great vibes and some of the most immaculate cocktails you’ll ever have. Catch you there when the work week is over! 

All images credited to Bar by EAST | Official Instagram Page

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