Kim Seon-Ho & Girls’ Generation’s Yoona to Star in a Film Together

The exciting news just keeps on coming! As of 13 Sep 2021, Kim Seon-ho and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona are confirmed to star in an upcoming film together. The two will play the lead roles in the romantic comedy, whose English title is 2 O’Clock Date.

Yoona verified the news via her official Instagram account

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What we know about Kim Seon-ho & Yoona’s film so far

According to reports, the romcom film will revolve around two neighbours: a woman with a huge secret and a man who lives on the floor above hers. Lee San Geun, who previously worked with Yoona on the hit film Exit, will be directing the movie. Filming for 2 O’Clock Date is set to start in March 2022. 

Kim Seon-ho’s current drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha presently ranks number two on Netflix Philippines’ top 10, and the actor is already in talks to start filming his first-ever movie by November 2021. Meanwhile, Yoona’s movie The Miracle has already topped advance sales in the Korean box office; the film is premiering on 15 Sep 2021.

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Image credit: Yoona Official Instagram Page

While they hosted the MBC Music Festival together in 2020, this’ll be the first time the two actors will be working on a project together. We’re definitely looking forward to having them set our hearts aflutter on 2 O’Clock Date!

Who else is excited to hear about Kim Seon-ho and Yoona starring in a film together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Featured image credit: Yoona and Kim Seon-ho | Official Instagram Pages

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