La Union to Cebu and Siargao? Local Govt Eyes Commercial Flights

The beautiful province of La Union, known for its stunning beaches and laid-back vibe, might soon become an even more attractive travel destination! The provincial government is exploring the possibility of reviving commercial flights at San Fernando Airport, potentially making it easier to travel from La Union to exciting destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

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Possible commercial flights from La Union to Cebu and Siargao

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Imagine hopping on a plane in La Union and landing in Cebu City or Siargao in a fraction of the time it currently takes! This is the vision behind the proposed revival of commercial flights at San Fernando Airport. By offering direct connections to these popular tourist destinations, La Union hopes to boost tourism by making travel between Northern Luzon and the Visayas and Mindanao more convenient.

Governor Raphaelle Ortega-David is in talks with transportation officials (DOTr) and Poro Point Management Corporation to bring back domestic flights. This initiative aligns with the Governor’s vision of strengthening La Union’s tourism industry and attracting more investment opportunities.

The revival of commercial flights wouldn’t just benefit tourists. Easier travel options could attract businesses to invest in La Union, creating new job opportunities for residents in Northern Luzon. Additionally, it could open doors for residents seeking work opportunities in key cities of the Visayas and Mindanao.

More than just training grounds

Image credit: San Fernando Flight Service Station | Official Facebook

San Fernando Airport is already well-equipped to handle smaller aircraft. The airport boasts a runway suitable for regional flights, a passenger terminal building, and essential facilities for air traffic control. While passenger service has been limited in recent years, the airport plays a vital role in aviation training, with several accredited aviation schools utilising its facilities. Previous plans for Batanes flights also highlight the airport’s potential for future expansion.

While there’s no confirmed date yet, La Union’s commitment to developing San Fernando Airport is a positive sign for travellers. This potential new travel hub could make the province a more accessible. It’s an exciting starting point for adventures throughout the Philippines.

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So, keep La Union on your travel radar! New developments at San Fernando Airport may soon make it your gateway to exploring even more of the beauty of the Philippines. Thoughts on the upcoming La Union to Cebu and Siargao route?

Featured image credit: San Fernando Flight Service Station | Official Facebook

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