This Viral ‘Magic Broom’ Starts at ₱31, But Does It Actually Work?

“The magic broom is very amazing,” a customer reviews on Shopee. “It works wonders in cleaning and sweeping the floor… It minimised the cleaning period and [is] very lightweight.”

If you scour the Internet as we did, you’ll find that most customers leave a similar opinion about this viral cleaning aid. Sporting a squeegee-like head and a stainless steel shaft, the magic broom’s claim to fame is that it’s easy to use and easy to clean. But probably, the best part is that it’s priced at just ₱99 — and on sale days, it can even cost as low as ₱31.

Its product description says that it can “clean pet hair, [human] hair, liquids, and glass.” It further boasts of its ability to reach “places that are not easily cleaned, such as under the bed… and on rough floors, carpets, and other rugged areas.”

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Important details

Product name: Multifunctional Magic Broom to Clean Floor Surface and Remove Dirt and Hair Household Silicone Mop

Where to buy: Lazada, Shopee

Know more about the magic broom

Made of plastic and stainless steel, with a dimension of 31x100cm, the magic walis is visibly lightweight. You can choose from three colour variations — grey, pink, and green — but all are similar in material and production. 

Its head resembles a silicone scraper, which is how it effectively cleans wet surfaces. “Parang kang nag-mop after,” as one user puts it. However, this very design also makes the magic walis squeak when touching a surface — so no, it’s not ideal to use while someone is in a virtual meeting.

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What are people saying about it?

Most users attest that the magic walis is, indeed, effective. In fact, some reviews go as far as to call it a good, budget-friendly alternative to vacuum cleaners! However, many advise against using the product on certain surfaces like wood and pavement. According to reviews, it’s best used on glass, linoleum floors, and bathroom tiles.

Those who own this magic broom also say that it does its job to sweep away hair and dust, even agiw sa kisame! It fits right in narrow spaces — between the fridge and the counter, along sliding door and window tracks, behind the toilet bowl, et cetera.

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What can you expect?

If you’re planning to buy a magic broom, we advise you to manage your expectations. As we read through several user reviews, we found that the product may effectively clean only certain types of dirt on some surfaces; but of course, it isn’t the universal cleaning device and it won’t replace your traditional walis tambo, mop, or vacuum cleaner. 

For one, the magic broom isn’t the best product for wiping coloured liquids, as it can produce streaking. Further, it also can’t promise to keep floors spotless when you’re dealing with tiny particles like coffee grounds.

Obviously, the product has its lapses. But if you’re willing to overlook these, then why not give it a try?

All images credited to Shopee.

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