Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online Under ₱1,500

Where has the time gone? Mother’s Day is around the corner yet again! If you’re surprised and scrambling for last-minute gifts, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our Mother’s Day gift ideas you can get to celebrate the special occasion. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas under ₱1,500

For the practical homemaker

Deerma vacuum cleaner

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱1,099

If your mom is a member of the famous Home Buddies Facebook group, she might also be pining for the Deerma vacuum cleaner. One of the most popular appliances in the group, this vacuum is lightweight yet robust. It also converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner, so aside from cleaning floors, even cleaning furniture is possible with this tool! As most Deerma vacuum fans say: Parang nasa K-drama lang kung maka-vacuum ng kama. 

Garment steamer

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱929

On the list of practical Mother’s day gift ideas, this Konka garment steamer must be on your radar. This device effectively smoothes out garment wrinkles. Its portability also makes it perfect for future trips!

Refrigerator organiser 

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱322

Moms who love to cook deserve a fridge that sparks joy. If your mom would appreciate an organised fridge, have a few of these transparent containers installed in the fridge. Might as well go the extra mile and organise her fridge for her!

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Plant stand

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱386

Does your halamom have a green thumb? In this case, get her this plant stand. Sturdy and sleek, this stand will elegantly display her plant babies. (Bawal magselos — halaman lang yan!)

For the home chef

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱432

Another kitchen essential, this spice rack is a great and practical Mother’s Day gift idea. Because of its rotating function, the organiser provides easy access to more spices and seasonings.

Kitchen mixer

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱149

For baking enthusiasts, this kitchen mixer is a must-have. With its affordable price, the device has drawn popularity among those still starting with baking. So if your mom is trying her hand at pastries, now is the time to give her a helpful device such as this.

Ceramic tray

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱65

Does your mom love all things pretty? This ceramic tray will instantly beautify your mom’s home-cooked meals. Not to mention, the tray is oven-safe too. Fashion and function can’t get any better than this!

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For the kinain-na-ng-hallyu eomma

Samgyupsal grill

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱748

Your next mukbang should be exciting with this electric grill! Order some meat and have a samgyupsal party for Mother’s Day. Take the celebration to the next level and prepare Korean side dishes for her as well.

K-drama shirt

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱190

If your mom is the type who likes getting comfy in oversized shirts, get her this funny statement tee for her next K-drama session. Get two matching shirts for the #twinning look — and don’t forget to take pics!

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For the work-from-home momager

Lip and cheek balm

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱349

A leading beauty brand in the Philippines, Colourette Cosmetics has endless products suitable for Pinay skin. So if your mom wants Zoom-friendly makeup, look no further: This four-in-one balm is a good pick! Tell her that the Coloursnap is time-saving, as this tinted balm can instantly colour the cheeks, lips, and lids.

Cup warmer

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱810

Like many of us, your mom has probably had to run too many things at once during this work-from-home arrangement. If she’s a tea or coffee lover, she’ll appreciate this cup warmer that will let her drink stay warm for longer.

Dainty necklace

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱1,190

A local jewellery brand, Talaala PH partnered up with Studio Maria for a special Mother’s Day line. This particular jewellery piece was made to honour all mothers who are queens in their own right. Made of 18k gold, rose gold, or silver plating, this piece is made to last.

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For the mom who “doesn’t want anything”


Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱318

Let your mom kick back and relax this holiday with a bottle of Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato. Oozing flavours of peach and other tropical fruits, this bottle offers a sweet, floral, and citrus taste that your mom will definitely enjoy. 

Mother’s day gift set

Where to buy: LazadaShopee
Price: Starts at ₱650

If your mom doesn’t want anything, the easiest way to go is to get a premade Mother’s Day gift set. This particular one from Hallmark includes a neck pillow, an eye mask, a scented candle, and a card. Don’t forget to personalise it by penning your mom a sweet message on the Mother’s Day card!

Travel gift card

Where to buy: LazadaShopee

Still need more Mother’s Day gift ideas? How about giving your mom a gift card or voucher for travel? Both Lazada and Shopee offer amazing vouchers for domestic and international trips. For under ₱1,500, you can already get your mom a Canyon Cove Day Tour pass! You can also score overnight hotel vouchers — perfect if all your mom wants is a day of rest. Start browsing your options on Lazada and Shopee today to get the best deals.

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We hope that these Mother’s Day gift ideas will help you remind your mom that she’s loved and treasured — she certainly deserves the reminder!

All images credited to Shopee and Lazada.

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