Is Peso Really Weak? Pinoys, Your Money Is Worth More in These Countries!

Travel has made its way back into people’s bucket lists with more countries opening their borders and easing entry restrictions. Travelling soon, too? Chances are, you’re already looking into budget-friendly destinations and checking out seat sales on the market. Another way to get your money’s worth is to compare the exchange rates. To help you out, we’ve listed some go-to overseas destinations with high Philippine . Read on to find out where your peso is worth more!

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Overseas destinations you can go to where peso is more powerful

Are you set to take on your revenge travel soon? Here are some countries to consider with higher : 

North and South America

Streets of Cartagena, Colombia | Image credit: ribeirorocha via Canva Pro
  1. Argentina – ₱1.00 = 2.59 Argentine Peso
  2. Chile – ₱1.00 = 16.51 Chilean Peso
  3. Colombia – ₱1.00 = 78.93 Colombian Peso
  4. Costa Rica – ₱1.00 = 10.37 Costa Rican Colon
  5. Haiti – ₱1.00 = 2.12 Haitian Gourde
  6. Paraguay – ₱1.00 = 121.44 Paraguay Guarani 

Asia-Pacific region

Dontonbori in Osaka, Japan | Image credit: Tony Fernando via Canva Pro
  1. Cambodia – ₱1.00 = 69.41 Cambodian Riel
  2. Indonesia – ₱1.00 = 262.53 Indonesian Rupiah 
  3. Japan – ₱1.00 = 2.52 Japanese Yen
  4. Laos – ₱1.00 = 291.91 Lao Kip
  5. Vietnam – ₱1.00 = 413.96 Vietnamese Dong

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Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary | Image credit: RudyBalasko via Canva Pro
  1. Hungary – ₱1.00 = 7.08 Hungarian Forint
  2. Iceland – ₱1.00 = 2.43 Iceland Krone

While it is important to compare pesos against other currencies, the cost of living in your destination of choice ultimately plays a huge factor in your travel budget. Moreover, as conversion rates fluctuate, you can double-check with currency converters from time to time. For real-time conversion rates, click here

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What say you? Your peso may be weaker compared to other currencies across the globe, but there are other places worth your coin. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our tips on saving up for your travel fund and budgeting your finances during your trip

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