PH Passport Holders, Kazakhstan Is Now Visa-Free!

Philippine Passport holders, it’s time for another round of happy dancing because The Republic of Kazakhstan officially listed travellers from the Philippines as visa-free!

On 20 September 2019, a Kazakhstan-based news portal shared new inclusions to the lineup of countries allowed to enter Kazakhstan without a visa. Philippine citizens are now able to enter Kazakhstan and stay for a maximum of 30 days per visit. The government of Kazakhstan declared this amendment on 18 September 2019. It was effective since 19 October 2019. 

Curious about Kazakhstan? Since it hasn’t exactly been on our radar, here’s a rundown of what you can look forward to!

Things to see

There are many picturesque attractions in Kazakhstan and most are breathtaking gems in the wilderness. That said, this country’s historical landmarks are a sight for sore eyes and have deep social relevance that might pique your interests as well. List these attractions down!

Kaindy Lake


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The Kaindy Lake is a mountain lake which was formed after an earthquake and a landslide in 1911. You can find it at the Tian Shan Mountains close to the city of Almaty. Kaindy Lake is famous for its evergreen landscape which surrounds the crystal clear water. Beneath the surface of the water are flood-surviving trees that have not decomposed since the lake was formed. The view makes for a unique scene of a mystical underwater forest!

Issyk Lake


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Yet another stunning lake you should visit is the Issyk Lake which gives you a scenic view of lush mountain forests against clear turquoise water. They say that the water presents various stunning shades of blue at different times and seasons. Originally formed 8,000 years ago, the lake has gone through several natural changes and disasters, which forced the locals to intervene in order to salvage this natural wonder. Now man-made, Issyk Lake is twice as small than its original form, but still attracts plenty of tourists to date!

Ascension Cathedral

Found at the Panfilov Park in Almaty, the Ascension Cathedral bears a striking facade of kaleidoscope-inspired colours. Construction of the cathedral began in 1904 and is where the country’s Orthodox community attended mass until 1927. Under the Soviet regime, it served as a venue for public functions instead, until it was renovated to its original state in 1976. This cathedral is said to be one of the tallest wooden structures in the world. Its interiors consist of materials from Moscow and Kiev, while the icons were painted by Kazakhstan’s local artist, Nikolay Gavrilovich Khludov. 

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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

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Found in the capital city of Astana (newly named as Nur-Sultan), the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is Kazakhstan’s most important cultural and religious monument as it represents all the world’s religious faiths, which you’ll see throughout its interior designs. It also features educational facilities and an opera house that can seat up to 1,500 people. What’s most striking though, is its outer facade which takes the shape of an enormous pyramid that’s said to come second only to the great pyramids of Egypt!

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There are plenty more sightly attractions in Kazakhstan to discover aside from what we’ve mentioned. Explore more natural wonders at the Big Almaty Lake and Charyn Canyon. Understand more of the country’s agriculture in The Last Wild Apple Forests and go on a foodie’s shopping experience at the Zelionyj Bazaar. Now that Kazakhstan is visa-free, open your heart to new adventures and you might just find a new favourite destination. 

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There are no direct flights from Manila, Philippines to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Most flights come with one stopover. The airline that provides the most frequent flights from Manila to Almaty is Cathay Pacific with a stopover at Hong Kong and a transfer to Air Astana. Other carriers include Philippine Airlines with a stopover at Hong Kong, and Eva Air with a stopover at Taipei and Incheon. The average price for round trips ranges from ₱50k-70k.

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