A BTS Meal Is Coming to McDonald’s — Here Are the ARMY’s Most Hilarious Tweets

It’s an exciting time for BTS fans all over the world, as they’ve just announced an upcoming collaboration with McDonald’s. The American fast food giant will be rolling out the “BTS Meal” (the K-pop group’s signature order) across almost 50 countries in six continents, starting with the US branches on 26 May 2021. Pinoy ARMYs, on the other hand, will be able to order their BTS meals in local McDonald’s stores starting 18 Jun

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The BTS meal will consist of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets with sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces, medium fries, and medium Coke. (ARMYs are still waiting for Sprite and Oreo McFlurry to be added to the meal.) Based on a previous collaboration with McDonald’s Japan dating back to 2017, there are theories that the BTS meal will look something like this:

Image credit: rainismjjk

Only time will tell, and the BTS ARMY can’t wait to see the real deal. We found the most hilarious reactions on Twitter — and while there are enough tweets to keep us occupied till 18 Jun, we’ve handpicked some of the funniest ones that had us laughing out loud! 

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Funniest & most relatable ARMY tweets about McDonald’s BTS Meal

On freebies & photo cards

Because true blue ARMYs are hardcore photo card collectors.




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On BTS as McDonald’s staff

(In our dreams.)



On V’s iconic McDonald’s moments from Bon Voyage 4

How is Oreo McFlurry not in the BTS meal?



On YouTuber reviews

Because Min Yoongi is our favourite YouTuber!


On the BTS Meal not being available in their respective countries

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you, UK and Pakistan.



On Jollibee’s reaction

Jollibee, are you next?


On ARMYs’ take on the collab

Wishing these weren’t just edits!






On excitedly heading to McDonald’s once the BTS meal drops

Will eat McDonald’s every day just for BTS.








Clearly, a lot of us will be treating 18 Jun 2021 like a special day — as if we don’t have McNuggets and fries on a regular basis!

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As we (im)patiently wait to get our hands on the BTS Meal, we’ll be keeping this audio clip of BTS singing the McDonald’s jingle on loop. (And reading funny ARMY tweets, of course!) We’ll see you all in line at McDonald’s in June.

Featured image credit: BTS | Official Twitter Page

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