This Is How Much Filipinos Spend on Beer Every Year, According to Study

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to drink beer – it’s affordable, refreshing in hot weather, and a comforting ritual for almost every social event or inuman session. But have you ever wondered how much our love for this alcoholic beverage compares to the rest of the world? 

Expensivity has just released the World Beer Index 2021, a study that analyses the annual beer consumption per capita (or per head), reveals how much Filipinos spend on beer every year and how much we can expect to pay for a bottle around the world. 

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To determine the average cost of beer, Expensivity researched the prices of 330mL beer bottles, focusing on big-name brands such as Corona and Heineken from supermarkets and hotel bars. Using statistics from the World Health Organization, they were able to find the amount of alcohol consumption per capita. 

How much do Filipinos spend on beer every year?

Image credit: Courtesy of Expensivity

According to the World Beer Index 2021, Filipinos spend an average of US$485.4 (approximately ₱23,509.13) on beer every year. 

Meanwhile, Germans were revealed to be the biggest spenders when it comes to beer, annually coughing up a staggering average of US$1,907.78 (₱92,427.72). 

In the study, Qatar was revealed to have the world’s most expensive beer, where the average price of a 330mL bottle of beer is US$11.26 (₱545.48)! Remind us not to order drinks for everyone on a whim in Doha.

On the other side of the spectrum, the study says that the cheapest beer can be found in South Africa, with an average price of $1.68 (₱81.38) per bottle. 

So, who’s chugging the most beer?

Image credit: Courtesy of Expensivity

Curious to know how Filipinos might fare in a drinking contest against other beer drinkers? In the Philippines, Filipinos drink an average of 114 beers per year — outdrinking our Southeast Asian neighbours in Singapore and Malaysia, who consume an annual average of 85 beers per capita and 33 beers respectively. 

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Not sure about you, but this is making us want to crack open a cold one and wind down after a long day. If you’re wondering which other nationalities we can drink under the table — say, our friends in South Korea, for example — you can check out the survey’s full insights here.  

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