JET Programme 2022 Essentials So You Can Finally Teach in Japan

Have you always wanted to live in Japan? While job opportunities in the country for Filipinos vary, becoming an English teacher is easily one of the best ways to do it. If you’re eyeing next year to finally start teaching, now’s your chance: The JET Programme 2022 now accepts applications until the end of 2021!

Short for Japan Exchange and Teaching, JET launched as a way to encourage cultural exchange among foreigners and Japanese. To do this, native English speakers are screened and brought into Japan to work as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) in schools and other educational institutions throughout the country.

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How to qualify in the JET Programme 2022

During the duration of the program, which usually takes a year, ALTs assist Japanese English teachers in preparing materials, managing extracurricular activities, and organising exchange undertakings. To make sure you are capable of these tasks, you must first meet the following JET Programme 2022 eligibility criteria:

  • Have Filipino citizenship
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher preferably in English or Education
  • Have excellent verbal English communication ability
  • Have a general interest in Japan, including its education system and engaging with local students
  • Have not lived in Japan for more than six years since 2010
  • Have not joined the JET Programme since 2017 or for more than five years in total
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These are just some of the fundamental requirements to qualify for the program. Additional points will also be given to applicants with a professional teaching license and experience, a Japanese language or study background, and experience living outside the Philippines. You may see the full, detailed qualifications here.

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Besides submitting documents to prove eligibility and other pertinent information, applicants must also undergo a screening process. It will involve an in-house English exam, an English teaching demonstration, and a Nihongo conversation test. The forms and guidelines when preparing your application are available on the local Japanese Embassy’s website and the JET Programme website.

The JET Programme organisers are accepting applications until 5pm on 3 Dec 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in the Philippines, you must send in your documents via post or courier services, including LBC, Grab Express, and Lalamove. Tip: Submit your application early to avoid inconveniences that could arise from delivery delays and other pandemic developments!

Do you what it takes to teach in the Land of the Rising Sun? Sign up for the JET Programme now.

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