Magnetic Lashes: The Latest Must-Have for Your At-Home Beauty Routine

There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping out of the salon all glammed up! From new hairstyles and fresh mani-pedi to longer, prettier lashes — who doesn’t love a beauty fix? The latter, most especially, has gotten quite popular in recent years: in the form of eyelash lifts, extensions, and falsies. All promise gorgeous lashes in one go, therefore saving you time and energy versus if you use mascara. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about flaking or smudging, either! 

But with the current pandemic situation that calls for everyone to stay at home as much as possible, going to the salon just isn’t the safest idea. Gone are the days when we could easily go outside for our go-to beauty rituals whenever we want. Hay, what’s a beauty addict to do in the name of self-care? 

Well, this is where the home beauty movement comes in. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s become all the rage these past few months — whether it’s hair colouring, spa and facial treatments, or even lash makeovers. Also, isn’t it also exciting to discover new beauty hacks that could better complement your ‘new normal’ routine? So, now, let us introduce you to your newest essential:

To effortlessly gorgeous #StayAtHome looks

No need to go out or even deal with the hassle of putting on regular falsies. This fab innovation by fast-rising brand Luxx Lash just might be your next best-kept secret, elevating your at-home beauty routine! Now, you can have effortlessly volumised and long lashes, thanks to their signature . 

What we love most about Luxx Lash is that these require a lot less time, effort, and cost than other eyelash treatments. Clearly, it’s one of the best things we never knew we needed (as far as beauty is concerned). And what’s more, Luxx Lash just launched the Elle : the latest style that gives a natural lash lift look to enhance your natural beauty! 

The Elle are soft, long, and lightweight, so it won’t even feel like anything on the eyes. Feel free to pop on this confidence-booster for your daily routine; whether it’s video conference calls, online workout sessions, random bored-at-home selfies, or online parties with your friend. It’s the newest trick in the (beauty) book — and we’re all for it! 

The future is

Admit it — you’re probably planning to travel once this is all over and it’s safe again! (We feel ya, sis). That said, Luxx Lash’s magnetic falsies should definitely be among your travel beauty essentials. These come in lovely pink cases, so it’s more convenient to remember where you placed them. 

No time to freshen up after your flight? Running late for your day tour? Spotted your celebrity crush at the airport? No problemo! Since these are super easy to put on, so you can liven up your look in a snap. Yup, beauty on-the-go has never been this fuss-free. Get ready to look your best and prettiest in all your travel photos! 

Effortless beauty and confidence in a snap? Don’t mind if we do. 

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In need of that pick-me-up? Or wondering how you’ve lasted so long without this beauty staple? Head over to Luxx Lash’s official website and follow them on Instagram at @heyluxxlash —  stat! 

Special thanks to Luxx Lash for choosing TripZilla Philippines as an official media partner.

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