12 Aesthetic Retro Keyboards Available on Lazada

As a digital nomad pre-pandemic, I always prioritised gadgets that could keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle. Simply put, that meant a smartphone with mobile data; and occasionally, a laptop and pocket WiFi. But now, things have changed. My work-from-home routine, like many others’, has become more tedious and repetitive. Over the months during this pandemic, I’ve frequently needed an upgrade just to keep my juices flowing. Alas, now I’m facing my current obsession: window shopping for #aesthetic on Lazada!

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Can you relate? If you’re looking to upgrade your work-from-home space too, here are some of the cutest on Lazada I’ve been eyeing. 

Retro keyboards available on Lazada

1. This milk tea-coloured mechanical keyboard for the K-drama lover

Model name: Lofree EH112S Milk Tea
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱6,000

What’s not to love about the Korean aesthetic? In the chic colour of milk tea, this mechanical keyboard reminds us of the minimalist and cute styles of our K-drama idols.

If you’re super into this style, check out Lofree’s matching mini fan, calculator, mouse, lamp, and storage box — you can buy all of these separately! Shop for the whole Lofree milk tea set here.

As with most keyboards with reputable quality, the LOFREE EH112S comes at a price. Fortunately, the shop accepts instalment plans for as low as ₱331.85 per month.

2. This minimalist backlit keyboard perfect for any space

Model name: GameSir Anne Pro 2
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱3,200

Work all day, party all night — you get the best of both worlds with the GameSir Anne Pro 2. What sets this keyboard above the rest is its highly customisable features: it has adjustable RGB backlights, comes in a wide variety of colours, and has different switches available. 

Originally a gaming keyboard, the Anne Pro 2 is compatible with most devices (including the Nintendo Switch!). It can also connect to up to four devices simultaneously.

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3. This bright keyboard for endless good vibes in your home office

Model name: AJAZZ K68
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱1,000

Believe it or not, this keyboard is not a toy! In fact, it’s a device that uses 2.4GHz wireless technology that can be used for gadgets within 10 metres in proximity. Its round keycaps were developed for comfortable and quiet typing — perfect if you’re easily distracted by noise. The keyboard also comes with a matching mouse. 

A bonus feature of this keyboard is its waterproof design; so if you tend to be on the clumsier side, this one is a recommended item!

4. This candy-coloured keyboard for all the kikays out there

Model name: USB Wireless Mute Keyboard And Mouse Set
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱1,400

Featuring 104 keys in pastel colours, this wireless keyboard is a must in a kikay‘s home office! It’s stylish as much as it’s functional: It has round, smooth, and colourful caps; it’s compatible with most laptops and PCs.

Buyers can choose from two colours — rose red or pink. As the name implies, this keyboard also comes with a mouse with matching colours. 

5. This neutral keyboard for a smart-casual vibe

Model name: AJAZZ 308i
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱1,300

Another Bluetooth-connecting keyboard, the AJAZZ 308i is compatible with various devices, including your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. It allows simultaneous connection, making it easy for users to switch devices to type in. 

Offering a clean and sophisticated look, this keyboard features round keys in white, grey, and a muted orange. With only 84 keys, it’s suitable for smaller work areas. 

6. This multicoloured keyboard for pops of life

Model name: AJAZZ 308i
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱1,400

A jazzed-up version of the previous AJAZZ 308i keyboard, this one comes in with the same smooth and matte texture but with much more colour. It has noise-reducing technology, chiclet keys that support long hours of typing, and round keycaps for the retro effect.

Like the former keyboard, this version has a power-saving mode on default; it automatically turns off after 15 minutes of non-response.

7. This hip keyboard for the ’90s gamer kid

Model name: AJAZZ K870T
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱2,300

Doesn’t this gaming keyboard remind you of the addictive CMYK colours of Mario Kart? If you’re a ’90s kid, you’re probably getting nostalgic over this, too! 

Beyond its surface-level design, this keyboard is actually backlit with RGB lights; so, you can enjoy using it from day to night. Without the backlight, this keyboard can last up to 100 hours on battery life. It also comes with a four-folding foot stand and non-slip pads, so you can enjoy using it with stability.

8. This full-sized mechanical keyboard in muted colours

Model name: AJAZZ
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱2,000

If you’re looking for a full-sized mechanical keyboard, why settle for a dull one? This AJAZZ keyboard has 104 keys and four colour options: black, pink, blue, or green. Its conventional layout makes it efficient, especially for those who spend hours typing away. 

With its retro style, the AJAZZ keyboard has high keycaps to mimic the feel of a typewriter. Unlike the latter, however, this one makes minimal click noises.

9. This modern RGB keyboard for the budgetarian

Model name: OEM Punk
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱300

Who says you need to splurge to get a cute keyboard? Priced for just under ₱300, the OEM Punk keyboard has RGB backlights and retro round keycaps, too! This one even comes with a mouse; so if you’re building an office space on the budget, you might want to consider this set.

10. This RGB typewriter for audio geeks and gamers

Model name: AULA F2088/F2058
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱2,000

The AULA F2088/F2058 offers a generous amount of features. You can customise its backlight’s colours, brightness, and effects; you can use it to control the sounds of the device it is synced to.

Additionally, you can choose between having this keyboard with a blue switch or a black switch. The former provides heavy and crisp keyboard sounds; the latter fits professional gamers.

11. This basic set with charming pastel colours

Model name: HXSJ K67
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱1,000

Another keyboard and mouse set, the HXSJ K67 provides the basic needs for every remote worker. Its Bluetooth keyboard has a 10-metre wireless transmission distance; it’s compatible with most laptops and computers.

With only 77 keys, this retro keyboard can be a quaint addition to home offices with limited space. It also has a waterproof design and a power-saving mode. The sets come in black, pink, or blue. 

12. This colourful typewriter-inspired keyboard for the old school writer

Model name: Lofree EH112S Rose Gold
Where to buy: Lazada
Price: ~₱6,600

Love the feel of a typewriter but something jazzier? This mechanical keyboard was inspired by classic typewriters but upgraded with fun colours and lights.

An easy, wireless keyboard, the Lofree EH112S Rose Gold can connect to up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. So, you can easily switch between typing on your phone, tablet, and laptop. 

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Did any of these on Lazada catch your eye? Are you planning to get one anytime soon? Make sure you read our online shopping tips to get the most bang for your buck!

All images credited to Lazada.

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