10 Unique Local Restaurants That Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

When one talks about unique restaurants in the Philippines, it’s almost inevitable to only think of Instagrammable or themed cafes. Basically, establishments that draw inspiration from people’s interests and try to apply them in aspects such as their interior design and side amenities.

For a culture that places so much emphasis on its local culinary and keeping up with trends, it’s good to know that some food businesses have actually gone the extra mile by coming up with off-the-wall dining concepts. The following are some examples of these unique restaurants in the Philippines that legit take you out of your comfort zone, if not the usual setup of tables and chairs. And yes, they aren’t your typical Instagram-worthy or themed cafes!

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Unique restaurants in the Philippines that are not themed cafes

1. Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant

Image credit: Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant Official Facebook Page

The revolving restaurant concept has been done a few times in other countries, among them being Germany, Macau, and Singapore. So when local businesses introduced the same concept in the Philippines, there was no question that Filipinos would grow to love them, like how they did Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant.

Located in Pasig City, Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant serves Korean cuisine with a 360-degree view of Metro Manila. If you come here at sunset or at night, you’ll be treated to one of the best golden views of the city skyline as you enjoy their Korean barbecue, signature beverages, and other comfort food.

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2. Manila Bay Dinner by Yacht Rentals & Events

Image credit: Manila Yacht Rentals & Events Official Facebook Page

Regardless of its reputation now, Manila Bay remains one of Manila’s must-visit spots for its unparalleled ocean views. Not to mention, its proximity to the country’s top cultural attractions. This is why it’s still a good idea to experience it in other ways. One example is by booking a Manila Bay dinner on a yacht.

As there are several companies offering the same service, you can start with one called Manila Yacht Rentals & Events. It’s a Manila-based agency that provides such services as special private yacht dinners and private yacht parties. To help you get the picture, you’ll really be dining aboard a yacht while revelling in gorgeous views of Manila Bay.

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3. Cebu Dinner Experience by Halla Cat

Image credit: Halla Cat Official Facebook Page

Exploring Cebu for its cuisine or its waters is never a bad idea for almost every kind of traveller. But it’s not every day that you get to experience both beyond the typical dining on a beach or while overlooking the ocean from a rooftop restaurant. For this, you can rely on Halla Cat, a Cebu-based boat and yacht rental service similar to that of Manila.

Dinner cruises are one of the company’s best-selling services. What’s great about them compared to most watercraft rentals in Cebu is that they also cater to joiners instead of solely private customers. With safety in consideration, it’s best to choose schedules that are likely not as packed with diners so you can enjoy their purely Filipino dishes alongside the stunning Cebu seascape.

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4. Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant

Image credit: Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant Official Website

Many visit Bohol not only for the world-famous Chocolate Hills, but because it’s one of the closest things they can get to experiencing natural attractions you won’t often find in Philippine destinations. Besides tarsiers and the Japan-inspired man-made forest, visitors have also always raved about Loboc River and its popular floating restaurants.

Nestled in one of the most underrated destinations in Bohol, Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant promises more than the chance to dine on a vessel while being surrounded by nature. It lets you immerse in nature as the boat traverses the enchanting Loboc River! The fact that you get to chow down on fresh tropical food at the same time is only the cherry on top.

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5. Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Image credit: Isdaan Floating Restaurant Official Website

The Maldives boasts of its numerous water villas that let you wake up to glorious ocean views. But in Laguna, Nueva Ecija, and Tarlac, it’s all about floating huts over massive ponds where you can eat mouth-watering seafood and signature Filipino dishes. All this while enjoying the company of your loved ones. Truly, Isdaan Floating Restaurant never gets old!

Across its three unique restaurants in the Philippines, particularly in Southern and Central Luzon, it’s common to feel like you’re in Thailand (sometimes Indonesia, too). This is because the restaurant chain actually drew inspiration from the country and its unconventional dining offerings. So yes, you can even expect to have one of those fun fish spa sessions here as well!

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6. Antonio’s

Image credit: Antonio’s Official Website

As more Filipinos turn to budget options for practically everything, high-end restaurants are barely given attention locally. Unless, of course, you belong to those privileged few who have no problem spending thousands of pesos for a single meal. This fact alone makes some of the most expensive restaurants like Antonio’s a rightful addition to this list.

Said to be the most expensive restaurant in the Philippines, Antonio’s brings upscale dining to a new level. Besides the fact that it’s surrounded by nature and located in Tagaytay (atypical for a sophisticated dining establishment), it boasts the most expensive meal served on a set menu. It’s none other than Angus Prime Roast Beef, which costs ₱18,500 and is good for six people!

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7. The Peak at Grand Hyatt Manila

Image credit: The Peak at Grand Hyatt Manila Official Website

Let’s be honest, the Philippines isn’t exactly home to the tallest skyscrapers in the world. That being said, there are limited options for those who want to experience dining from above beyond eating meals on a plane. But The Peak is one of those rare places that make this possible with unrivaled culinary experiences, all the way from the 62nd floor of Grand Hyatt Manila.

One of the finest rooftop restaurants in Southeast Asia, The Peak features a grill restaurant, a whiskey bar, and a music lounge in one. It also has an alfresco area which, as epic as it is, isn’t for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, to dine in the Philippines’ highest restaurant, in the tallest building of the country no less, is truly an experience unlike any other.

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8. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Image credit: Department of Tourism Official Website

Earlier, we’ve been through floating and revolving restaurants. But have you heard of those that take you closer to a massive and active waterfall? Better yet, one that lets you physically interact with running water that powers a offers hydroelectric power to a nearby plantation. Because, well, that’s precisely what Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is.

Managed by Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Tiaong, Quezon, it takes the idea of unique restaurants in the Philippines to new heights by allowing customers to indulge in culinary and amazing water experiences all at once. The theme here is Filipino buffet lunch eaten in kamayan and no-shoe style. Why? Not only will you be up close and personal with an artificial waterfall, but you also get to soak your feet in its waters as you eat. It’s so candid!

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9. Sonya’s Garden Restaurant

Image credit: Sonya’s Garden Official Website

Unless you’re staying in upscale hotels and resorts, free-from-disturbance restaurants are few and far between here in the Philippines. The fact that several affordable eateries cater to the younger generation also makes it difficult to find those that don’t capitalise on upbeat, mainstream motifs. You’d be lucky if you come across restaurants like Sonya’s Garden in Alfonso, Tagaytay!

Set within a tranquil garden of lush greenery of the sought-after bed and breakfast, the restaurant at Sonya’s Garden serves dishes in farm-to-table fashion. You can also take a tour of their edible organic vegetable garden and a running spring at no additional cost. Now and then, owner Sonya Garcia organises workshops on gardening techniques, and you won’t want to miss those either.

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10. Air Summit Gourmet

Image credit: Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Official Website

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, an all-around foodie, or a bit of both, there’s one place in Quezon Province that’s sure to answer your every need. Managed by Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort in Tayabas City, Air Summit Gourmet is the first and so far only airplane restaurant in the Philippines. And before you ask, it’s set on a real aircraft!

Air Summit Gourmet offers fine-dining service on a variety of local and international cuisines. If you’ve often wondered what it’s like to dine in your own private jet as a VIP, then this is where you need to go. It’s not just the travel-inspired setup of the restaurant. Rather, the whole process of checking in and going through boarding announcements before finally being guided to your elegantly put-together dining area.

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Now that we’ve established that there’s more to Filipino dining than restaurants that are easy on the eyes, which of these unique restaurants in the Philippines would you be willing to try on your next food crawl around the country? Before you go, be sure to check out each of their respective pages for their eating protocols, as well as their prices, availability, and schedule.

Featured image credit: Air Summit Gourmet | Official Facebook Page

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