Say What?! 15 Unpopular Opinions About Travelling

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Some opinions, however, spark controversy — even in the travel scene. We thought it would be interesting to know about some unpopular opinions travellers have, so we asked around.

1. Reclining seats is rude

“My ex-boyfriend and I used to fight about his mindset on reclining seats. He had this horrible habit of reclining his bus seat all the way back because he believes it’s his right as he paid for it. ‘They wouldn’t have this feature if they weren’t meant for reclining this far back,’ he’d say. I thought this gesture was rude. At least ask the person behind you if he or she is okay with your seat occupying his or her breathing space before you recline!”

2. Tipping is a must

“I believe in tipping (most of the time). Some of my friends don’t, especially if may service charge na. Even with tour drivers, tour guides, bellhops, etc. In the Philippines, it’s fine not to tip since it isn’t so widely practised — but in other countries, it’s a must!”

3. Skip the free hotel breakfast

“I rarely eat meals at the hotel. Even those for free! I’d rather explore downtown to feast on local flavours than eat the same bacon and eggs I could consume at home. People think they have to eat breakfast at the hotel because it’s part of what you’ve paid for, but I think you’ll maximise more of your travel if you skip hotel meals altogether.”

4. DON’T occupy reserved seats — just don’t

“I notice some people take the reserved seats for pregnant, PWD, or older people. Some people give way when they show up, but there are some people who don’t or won’t. I think if you’re not qualified you shouldn’t take that seat in the first place.”

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5. Packing light is overrated

“I’m no light packer… I try but most often I don’t succeed. So, I don’t care much for packing light either unless crucial talaga iyong limit ng luggage allowance like if I travel with a group.”

6. Suitcases are better than backpacks

“Why hurt your back when you have the option to carry your stuff on wheels? I don’t care how short my trip is. I’ll always choose to lug a suitcase around than carry a backpack.”

7. Airplane food is the bomb

“I love airplane food. It’s part of what gets me excited whenever I travel via plane. I especially love when I get to choose from a wide array of beverage — Coffee? Juice? Wine? I’ll have all, please, thanks!”

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8. America isn’t all that dreamy

“To be honest, a vacation to New York City is stressful. Americans can be so nice but if you’re unlucky, you’ll bump into plenty of hot-heads. Also, the rats. We stayed at Days Inn when I was 12 — my first time in NYC. There was a mouse in our room. They gave us a discount.”

9. Long lines are rarely worth it

“Unless it’s for my passport, I won’t line up for it. Some people think that establishments with long queues signify value — I just think long lines are a waste of time and rarely worth it. The same goes for restaurants full of customers. I don’t get the point of waiting when I’d rather explore hidden gems anyway!”

10. You don’t have to travel the Philippines first

“You don’t have to travel the Philippines first. Just travel wherever you want, walang pakialamanan ng destinasyon.

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11. Even for a solo traveller, hostels suck

“I can’t stand sharing a room with complete strangers. Hostel bathrooms are mostly disgusting. The common areas get too loud — especially at night, when I’m trying to sleep.”

12. The beach is boring

“After an hour at the beach, I’m bored. I’m more of a city girl. I like seeing people live their everyday lives there. I like sipping coffee, eating at restaurants, and having a stable Internet connection. But the mountains are okay, too.”

13. Sleeping early is okay

“I don’t care if a destination is known for its nightlife. I’m an early bird and I will never enjoy staying up past ten. I will sleep through those live bands and romantic fairy lights and no one can ever stop me.”

14. The whole traveller versus tourist debate is nonsense

“Travellers and tourists are the same thing, only each spelled differently. Hating on people who like travelling to tourist destinations and enjoy taking lots of photos makes you a snob. You’re not a better traveller for choosing underrated tourist destinations.”

15. It’s okay to look like a tourist

“Don’t bother hiding who you really are. There’s no shame in being a wide-eyed explorer! So wear that camera strap around your neck and shoot.”

Do you agree with any of the unpopular opinions here? Or do you have your own unpopular opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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